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  Surprise! - Toledo skyline photography by Bill Woodruff

The Magic Studio
912 Phillips Ave, Toledo OH 43612
A full line magic shop, originally founded by Ted Carrothers back in the 1970's, now owned and operated by Michael Night.

Toledo Personals
Meet the person of your dreams at the ultimate dating service on the Internet.

Lycos Clubs
The Web is all about community. You know, chatting with the neighbors, debating current issues, complaining about the weather. Now there's this thing called Lycos Clubs, which lets you find people whose common interests span beyond the high and low temperatures for the day. Take a look and join a club today.

Where you can win $1,000,000.00 FREE !

CReAte Your Own Newspaper - your personalized Internet news service... or you can get just the links.

Cool Stuff - SportsLine USA
From here, you can access many of the CBS SportsLine's really cool areas that feature cutting-edge technology, downloadable features, and mind-blowing entertainment!

Today on HotWired!
HotWired, the first commercial Web-native publication, is a central source for understanding, experiencing, and innovating the Web. It includes Wired News, Webmonkey, RGB Gallery, Animation Express, and more.

ZD Net
The world's leading integrated media company focuses on technology.


The Really Big Button That Doesn't Do Anything
A most unusual artifact... the really big button that doesn't do anything was developed in early '94 and labelled as the Mystery Spot of the Internet. Thousands flock to this button every day.

How to keep an idiot busy for hours
Given that you desire to busy an idiot with time-consuming tasks...

Virtual Kissing Booth
Visitors can view random pictures of our kissing booth volunteers by simply clicking a button. The lucky ones will even get a smooch!

The Virtual Irish Pub Chat
Live chat in the atmosphere of an Irish Pub. Ireland's best online community featuring chatrooms, free travel information, news, weather, maps, jokes, music and games. A forum to meet and talk to friends of either sex.

Edinburgh Pub Tour


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IPL The Internet Public Library
The On-line Books Page
The World-Wide Web Virtual Library: Subject Catalogue


Electronic Zoo
the Hamster Page - The Tole & Decorative Artist's Web Site
Decor Delights - Decorative and Tole Painting
Reach for the Stars with Tole and Decorative Painting on the Web
Stone Bridge Collection Tole Painting Supplies
Pikes Peak Chapter NSTDP Home Page
Tole Bridge


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